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Top Trends in Engineered Wood Flooring for Modern Homes

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When it comes to flooring options, engineered wood has emerged as a top choice for modern homeowners. Its combination of durability, versatility and aesthetic appeal has made it a go-to solution for those seeking a stylish and functional floor. In this blog, we’ll explore the top trends in engineered wood flooring that are shaping the interiors of modern homes.

  1. Wide Planks for a Contemporary Look:

One of the most prominent trends in engineered wood flooring for modern homes is the use of wide planks. These wider boards create a sense of spaciousness and openness, making them an ideal choice for open-concept living spaces. Whether you opt for rich, dark wood tones for a dramatic contrast or soft, light hues for a Scandinavian-inspired design, wide planks add a touch of contemporary elegance to your home.

  1. Gray and Cool-Toned Finishes:

Gray and cool-toned wood finishes have gained immense popularity in modern interior design. These muted, neutral colors create a sense of calm and sophistication. Whether you prefer a weathered, rustic look or a sleek, polished appearance, gray-toned engineered wood flooring offers versatile options to match your personal style.

  1. Matte and Low-Gloss Finishes:

In contrast to high-gloss finishes, modern homeowners are gravitating towards matte and low-gloss engineered wood flooring. Not only do these finishes exude a modern and chic vibe, but they also conceal scratches and imperfections better than their shinier counterparts. Matte finishes serve as a perfect backdrop for contemporary furnishings and decor.

  1. Exotic Wood Species:

Modern homes are increasingly incorporating exotic wood species, such as acacia and tigerwood, into their flooring choices. These unique wood options boast striking grain patterns and visual appeal. They bring an element of luxury and sophistication to your home, elevating its overall look and ambiance.

  1. Herringbone and Chevron Patterns:

For those who want to infuse a timeless touch into their modern homes, herringbone and chevron patterns are gaining popularity. These intricate patterns create a sense of movement and sophistication that enhances any room’s visual interest. Engineered wood flooring allows for easy installation of these eye-catching designs.

  1. Sustainable and Eco-Friendly Choices:

As sustainability takes center stage, engineered wood flooring made from responsibly sourced materials is a growing trend. Look for products certified by organizations like the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) to ensure your flooring choice aligns with eco-friendly and responsible forestry practices.

Engineered wood flooring offers a wealth of options for modern homeowners to achieve both style and functionality in their living spaces. Whether you favor wide planks, cool-toned finishes, matte surfaces, exotic wood species, intricate patterns or sustainable choices, there’s an engineered wood flooring trend that perfectly complements your modern home’s aesthetic.

At Coastal Stone & Cabinetry, we’re dedicated to helping you stay on-trend while transforming your living spaces. Our wide range of engineered wood flooring options ensures you can find the perfect match for your modern home. Contact us today to explore our collection and embark on your journey toward creating the ideal modern look for your home.

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