Kitchen Remodeling: From Design to Installation

At Coastal Stone & Cabinetry, we understand that the process of remodeling your kitchen involves more than just aesthetic enhancements; it’s about transforming your kitchen into a functional and beautiful space that aligns with your lifestyle. During this process, we help you navigate through the intricacies of kitchen remodeling, clarifying what to expect from the initial design phase to the final installation.

Design Consultation

The journey begins with a design consultation, a crucial step where ideas take shape and visions become tangible plans! Our expert designers collaborate with you to understand your preferences, lifestyle and functional requirements. We strive to marry aesthetic appeal with ergonomic functionality.

Material Selection

Once the design is crystallized, the focus shifts to material selection. Coastal Stone & Cabinetry offers an extensive array of premium materials, ranging from granite and quartz countertops to top-quality cabinetry. The selection process involves considering not only the visual appeal but also the durability and functionality of each component.

Project Scheduling

With the design finalized and materials selected, the project moves into the scheduling phase. Our project management team plans the timeline, considering every intricate detail and working with you to ensure the construction causes no disruption to your schedule. From demolition to installation, each step is strategically orchestrated to ensure a seamless and efficient remodeling process.

Demolition and Preparation

As the project kicks off, the existing elements undergo the process of demolition. This stage involves the careful removal of old cabinets, countertops and appliances. Simultaneously, the site is prepared for the upcoming installations.

Cabinetry and Countertop Installation

The heart of the remodeling process lies in the installation of cabinetry and countertops. Coastal Stone & Cabinetry prides itself on precision and craftsmanship. Our skilled installers bring the design to life, meticulously fitting each cabinet and countertop with a keen eye for detail. It’s the stage where your dream kitchen starts to materialize.

Plumbing and Electrical Integration

Beyond aesthetics, functionality is paramount! Plumbing and electrical work are seamlessly integrated into the design. From installing new sinks and faucets to ensuring that outlets and switches align with your kitchen’s layout, this phase guarantees that your kitchen is not just beautiful but also fully operational.

Final Touches and Quality Checks

As the installation nears completion, the focus shifts to the final touches. Hardware is added, and all elements are scrutinized for quality and precision. Coastal Stone & Cabinetry conducts comprehensive quality checks to ensure that every aspect of your remodeled kitchen meets our exacting standards.

Completion and Unveiling

The cumulation of the remodeling journey is the completion and unveiling of your new kitchen! Coastal Stone & Cabinetry takes pride in delivering a finished product that exceeds expectations. It’s the moment when you witness the transformation of your vision into a tangible reality.
Partnering with Coastal Stone & Cabinetry for your kitchen remodeling journey ensures a seamless and transformative experience! From the initial design consultation to the final unveiling, our commitment to quality, precision, and client satisfaction sets us apart. Visit to embark on your kitchen remodeling journey with a team dedicated to turning your dream kitchen into a reality!

Creating a Spa-Like Bathroom with Marble Countertops and Tiles

Indulging in the luxury of a spa-like bathroom is a desire many homeowners share, envisioning a serene retreat within the confines of their homes. Coastal Stone & Cabinetry offers a pathway to turn this dream into a reality. Explore the transformative journey of fashioning a spa-inspired bathroom using the timeless elegance of marble countertops and tiles, elevating both aesthetics and functionality.

Design Consultation

The journey commences with a design consultation, a pivotal phase where aspirations are articulated, and visions take form. Coastal Stone & Cabinetry’s experienced designers collaborate closely, understanding your aesthetic preferences and functional requirements. It’s a nuanced dance of creativity, where the selection of marble becomes a cornerstone for crafting a space that echoes tranquility and luxury.

Material Selection

Marble  offers a diverse palette for personalization. Coastal Stone & Cabinetry curates a selection of premium marble countertops and tiles, ensuring that your choices align seamlessly with your envisioned spa-like bathroom. The selection process is meticulous, considering not only aesthetics but also the practicality of marble in a bathroom setting.

Customized Vanity Countertops

Vanity countertops, often the focal point of a bathroom, are meticulously crafted with precision. Coastal Stone & Cabinetry’s skilled artisans transform marble slabs into bespoke countertops, considering dimensions, edge profiles and surface finishes to create a unique centerpiece for your spa-inspired haven.

Luxurious Marble Tiles

The selection of marble tiles extends beyond mere flooring; it becomes a canvas for realizing your design aspirations. Coastal Stone & Cabinetry offers an array of marble tiles, from classic Carrara to rare Calacatta, enabling you to design exquisite patterns for walls, floors and even shower enclosures, encapsulating the serene ambiance of a spa.

Incorporating Functionality

Beyond its aesthetic allure, marble seamlessly integrates functionality into your spa-inspired bathroom. Marble’s innate resistance to moisture and its durability make it an ideal choice for bathroom surfaces. Coastal Stone & Cabinetry ensures that the selected marble is treated to enhance its resilience, offering longevity without compromising on the luxurious appeal.

Lighting and Accents

The interplay of light and marble is instrumental in creating a spa-like atmosphere. Coastal Stone & Cabinetry design experts consider lighting fixtures and accents that accentuate the inherent beauty of marble, casting a gentle glow that transforms your bathroom into a sanctuary of relaxation.

Cohesive Design Elements

Harmony in design is paramount for a spa-like ambiance. Coastal Stone & Cabinetry ensures that every design element aligns seamlessly with the marble components. The result is a cohesive, harmonious space where each element contributes to the overall tranquility of the environment.

Project Completion and Unveiling

As the project nears completion, the anticipation builds for the unveiling of your spa-like bathroom. Coastal Stone & Cabinetry takes pride in delivering a finished product that transcends expectations, a testament to the meticulous planning, exquisite craftsmanship and timeless allure of marble.
Coastal Stone & Cabinetry offers a transformative journey to create a spa-like bathroom using the enduring elegance of marble. From design consultation to the final unveiling, our commitment to craftsmanship and premium materials ensures a space that not only reflects your vision but also elevates your daily rituals to a luxurious experience. Embark on this transformative journey with us at

Building Futures: Empowering Girls in Construction Through Baldwin Girls Build Camp

In the heart of Baldwin County, nestled within the Baldwin County Home Builders Association (BCHBA), lies a dynamic force dedicated to shaping the future of the construction industry. The Professional Women in Building (PWB) council stands tall as a beacon of empowerment, with a focused mission that transcends mere brick and mortar. With a primary goal of fostering labor and workforce development, PWB not only supports builders and vendors but also champions the cause of diversity in a traditionally male-dominated field.

The Vision of Professional Women in Building

Stepping into the second year of existence, PWB exudes boundless enthusiasm for the journey ahead. The council’s journey thus far has been marked by significant milestones, none more impactful than the inception of the Baldwin Girls Build camp. Last June, amidst the summer breeze, 18 bright-eyed 7th, 8th and 9th grade girls embarked on a transformative journey, delving into the intricacies of construction and design. The resounding success of the inaugural camp laid the groundwork for an annual tradition, with the upcoming eagerly anticipated June camp as the 2nd Annual Baldwin Girls Build Camp.

Under the stewardship of a dedicated chairperson and a board comprising remarkable women, PWB marches forward with unwavering resolve. Marsha Jordan, the Executive Vice President of BCHBA, lends her expertise and guidance, steering the council towards its objectives. Joining her are Stepanie Hale from Coastal Stone, Nancy Grace from Bank Plus, Alicia Stone from Swift Supply, Jennifer Valere from Valere Homes and Amy Smith from Engel & Volkers, each bringing a unique perspective and wealth of experience.

The Success of Baldwin Girls Build Camp

At the core of Baldwin Girls Build camp lies a simple yet powerful mission: empowerment through education. By providing young girls with hands-on experience and exposure to various facets of the construction industry, PWB endeavors to break down barriers and shatter stereotypes. The camp serves as a nurturing ground, fostering curiosity and igniting passion for careers in construction and related fields.

The overwhelming response to the camp speaks volumes about the appetite for such initiatives in the community. Within a mere 24 hours of opening registration, all slots for the upcoming camp were completely full, underscoring the high demand for opportunities that transcend conventional gender roles. As the countdown to June 3rd commences, excitement permeates the air, with anticipation building for what promises to be an enriching and transformative experience for all involved.

Beyond the Camp: PWB’s Ongoing Initiatives

Beyond the confines of the camp, PWB continues to spearhead initiatives aimed at bridging the gender gap in the construction industry. Through advocacy, outreach programs and strategic partnerships, the council endeavors to create a more inclusive and equitable landscape, where talent knows no bounds and opportunities abound for all.

As we reflect on the journey thus far and gaze toward the horizon, one thing remains abundantly clear: the future of the construction industry is intrinsically linked to the empowerment of its future leaders. Through initiatives like the Baldwin Girls Build camp, PWB is not just building structures; it’s building futures. With each brick laid and each mind ignited, we inch closer to a world where diversity thrives, and dreams know no limits.

In the heart of Baldwin County, amidst the hum of construction and the bustle of progress, a silent revolution unfolds. It’s not just about building; it’s about building better, building stronger and most importantly, building together. Join us as we pave the way for a future where every girl dares to dream, and every dreamer builds their own path to success.

Maximizing Storage Space in Small Kitchens with Custom Cabinetry

Small kitchens often present a unique challenge, necessitating innovative solutions to make the most of limited space. Coastal Stone & Cabinetry, with its commitment to bespoke craftsmanship, offers a transformative avenue through custom cabinetry, unlocking the potential to maximize storage efficiency in diminutive kitchen settings. In this insightful guide, our experts delve into the art and science of optimizing storage space with tailored cabinetry, enhancing both utility and aesthetic appeal.

Tailored Design Consultation

The journey towards maximizing storage space in small kitchens commences with a tailored design consultation, a pivotal stage where Coastal Stone & Cabinetry’s seasoned designers immerse themselves in understanding the nuances of your culinary space. This meticulous process involves comprehending your storage needs, workflow preferences and aesthetic aspirations, laying the groundwork for the creation of custom cabinetry that seamlessly integrates functionality and style.

Strategic Cabinetry Configuration

The essence of maximizing storage lies in strategic cabinetry configuration. Coastal Stone & Cabinetry’s design experts meticulously plan the layout, considering the specific dimensions and contours of your kitchen. Custom cabinetry is tailored to fit seamlessly into the available space, exploiting every nook and cranny to create efficient storage solutions that go beyond the constraints of standard, off-the-shelf alternatives.

Vertical Utilization

Small kitchens often benefit greatly from vertical utilization. Coastal Stone & Cabinetry’s custom cabinetry extends beyond traditional heights, utilizing vertical space efficiently. Tall cabinets not only optimize storage but also draw the eye upward, creating an illusion of heightened space, a subtle yet impactful design strategy.

Pull-Out Shelving and Drawers

The incorporation of pull-out shelving and drawers represents a paradigm shift in small kitchen storage. Coastal Stone & Cabinetry designs custom cabinetry with integrated pull-out features, facilitating easy access to items stored in the depths of cabinets. This not only enhances accessibility but also eliminates the need to rummage through deep recesses, streamlining your culinary endeavors.

Hidden Storage Solutions

In small kitchens, the integration of hidden storage solutions becomes imperative. Coastal Stone & Cabinetry’s custom cabinetry conceals innovative storage solutions behind stylish façades. From pull-out spice racks to concealed trash bins, these hidden elements contribute to a clutter-free aesthetic while maximizing storage functionality.

Multipurpose Cabinetry

Custom cabinetry becomes a multifaceted ally in small kitchens by serving multiple purposes. Coastal Stone & Cabinetry designs solutions that combine storage with other functionalities, such as incorporating pull-out cutting boards, foldable countertops or even integrating appliances seamlessly into cabinetry, eliminating the need for additional counters or storage space.

Open Shelving for Aesthetic Appeal

In smaller kitchens, the balance between functionality and aesthetic appeal is delicate yet achievable. Coastal Stone & Cabinetry expertly incorporates open shelving into custom designs, providing a visually appealing solution that not only adds character to the space but also offers accessible storage for frequently used items, striking a harmonious balance between form and function.

Customized Finishes for Cohesive Design

Harmony in design is vital, even in small kitchens. Coastal Stone & Cabinetry ensures that the finishes of custom cabinetry align seamlessly with the overall aesthetic of your kitchen. This cohesive approach contributes to a visually expansive and unified space, transforming the perceived limitations of size into a canvas of functional elegance.

Coastal Stone & Cabinetry offers a nuanced approach to maximizing storage space in small kitchens through the artistry of custom cabinetry. From tailored design consultations to strategic configurations, hidden storage solutions and multipurpose cabinetry, the journey is one of optimizing every square inch with efficiency and sophistication. Embark on this transformative journey with us at, where functionality meets style in perfect harmony.

The Importance of Properly Sealing Stone Countertops

In the realm of interior design and home aesthetics, stone countertops have emerged as a timeless and sophisticated choice for homeowners. Coastal Stone & Cabinetry understands the allure of stone countertops. However, beyond their exquisite appearance, there lies a crucial aspect that demands attention – proper sealing.

Stone countertops, whether crafted from granite, marble or quartz, are not only an investment in beauty but also in durability. The longevity and performance of these surfaces are intricately tied to the effectiveness of the sealing process. Coastal Stone & Cabinetry aims to shed light on the significance of proper sealing and why it should be a non-negotiable step in the care and maintenance of stone countertops.

Stain Protection

One of the primary reasons to invest in proper sealing is to safeguard the stone against stains. Natural stones, such as granite and marble, are porous by nature. Without a protective seal, these pores become vulnerable to absorbing liquids like wine, coffee or oil, resulting in stubborn stains that can mar the countertop’s pristine appearance. Coastal Stone & Cabinetry recommends a high-quality sealant to create a protective barrier, preventing substances from penetrating the surface and ensuring that your stone countertops remain stain-free.

Promote Hygiene and Safety

Additionally, proper sealing acts as a defense mechanism against microbial growth. The porous nature of stone makes it susceptible to harboring bacteria and mold if left unprotected. A well-sealed countertop inhibits the growth of these unwanted intruders, promoting a hygienic and safe environment in your kitchen or bathroom. Coastal Stone & Cabinetry emphasizes the role of sealing in preserving the health and cleanliness of your living spaces.

Enhance Durability

Furthermore, the harsh reality of wear and tear is an inevitable aspect of any countertop’s life. Proper sealing significantly enhances the stone’s resistance to scratches and abrasions. This is particularly crucial for high-traffic areas like the kitchen, where countertops often bear the brunt of sharp knives, heavy cookware, and other potential sources of damage. Coastal Stone & Cabinetry advocates for a proactive approach to sealing to fortify your stone countertops against the daily rigors of household activities.

Preserve Beauty

From an aesthetic standpoint, sealing contributes to the long-lasting vibrancy of your stone countertops. Exposure to sunlight and daily use can lead to fading and discoloration over time. A robust sealant acts as a shield, protecting the stone’s natural colors and patterns from the detrimental effects of UV rays and wear. Coastal Stone & Cabinetry recommends periodic resealing to ensure that your countertops maintain their original allure and continue to be a focal point of visual appeal in your home.

The importance of proper sealing for stone countertops cannot be overstated. Coastal Stone & Cabinetry urges homeowners to view sealing as an integral part of their stone surface investment. Whether it’s safeguarding against stains, microbial growth, scratches or preserving aesthetic appeal, the benefits of sealing extend far beyond the surface. Elevate your home’s style and functionality by prioritizing the longevity and resilience of your stone countertops through proper sealing. To learn more, visit and contact Coastal Stone & Cabinetry today to learn more about how we can help you create a beautiful, functional space. 

The Pros and Cons of Granite vs. Quartz Countertops

In the realm of interior design, selecting the perfect countertop material is a pivotal decision that can greatly influence the overall aesthetic and functionality of a space. Among the myriad of options available, granite and quartz countertops stand out as popular choices, each with its own set of advantages and drawbacks. Delving into the intricate nuances of these materials is essential for homeowners seeking the ideal countertop solution.

Granite, renowned for its natural beauty and durability, exudes timeless elegance and sophistication. Quarried from the earth’s crust, granite countertops boast unique patterns and color variations, making each slab a one-of-a-kind masterpiece. The inherent strength of granite renders it resistant to scratches, heat, and stains, ensuring longevity and minimal maintenance requirements. Furthermore, granite countertops exhibit excellent heat resistance, making them an ideal choice for avid cooks and busy kitchens.

Granite countertops are not without their limitations. While granite is naturally resistant to heat, prolonged exposure to high temperatures can potentially cause thermal shock, leading to cracks or discoloration. Additionally, granite is a porous material, making it susceptible to staining if spills are not promptly cleaned. To mitigate this risk, regular sealing is necessary to maintain the countertop’s integrity and longevity.

On the other hand, quartz countertops offer a compelling alternative to granite, combining the natural beauty of stone with the enhanced durability of engineered materials. Composed of approximately 90% quartz crystals and 10% binding resins, quartz countertops exhibit remarkable strength and resilience against scratches, stains, and impacts. Unlike granite, quartz countertops are non-porous, rendering them highly resistant to moisture and bacterial growth. This makes quartz an ideal choice for kitchens and bathrooms where hygiene is paramount.

Moreover, quartz countertops offer unparalleled versatility in terms of design options. Manufacturers can customize quartz slabs to replicate the appearance of natural stone or achieve innovative patterns and colors that may be challenging to find in nature. Additionally, quartz countertops require minimal maintenance, as they do not require sealing like granite. This translates to long-term savings in terms of time and upkeep costs for homeowners.

While quartz countertops offer numerous advantages, they are not impervious to damage. Despite their durability, quartz countertops may be susceptible to discoloration or damage if exposed to harsh chemicals or abrasive cleaners. Additionally, excessive heat exposure can still cause damage, necessitating the use of trivets or hot pads to protect the surface.

The choice between granite and quartz countertops ultimately depends on the unique preferences and lifestyle needs of each homeowner. While granite countertops boast natural beauty and resilience, they require periodic maintenance and may be prone to staining. On the other hand, quartz countertops offer unmatched durability, hygiene and design versatility, albeit with some susceptibility to damage from harsh chemicals or excessive heat. By weighing the pros and cons of each material, homeowners can make an informed decision that aligns with their aesthetic preferences, budget considerations and functional requirements.

A Guide to Selecting the Perfect Backsplash Tile for Your Kitchen

When it comes to enhancing the aesthetic appeal and functionality of your kitchen, selecting the perfect backsplash tile plays a pivotal role. At Coastal Stone and Cabinetry, we understand the importance of this decision and strive to provide comprehensive guidance to help you navigate through the myriad of options available. From classic subway tiles to intricate mosaic patterns, the choices can be overwhelming, but Coastal Stone has you covered in selecting the ideal backsplash tile for your kitchen renovation project.

Consider Your Kitchen Style

Before delving into the vast array of backsplash tile options, it’s essential to consider the overall style of your kitchen. Whether you have a contemporary, traditional or eclectic kitchen design, selecting a backsplash tile that complements the existing aesthetic is paramount. For a modern kitchen, sleek and minimalist subway tiles or large-format porcelain tiles may be the perfect choice, while a rustic kitchen might benefit from natural stone or textured ceramic tiles.

Evaluate the Color Palette

The color palette of your kitchen is another crucial factor to consider when selecting a backsplash tile. Opting for a tile that harmonizes with the existing color scheme can create a cohesive and visually appealing look. If your kitchen features neutral tones, you may choose to add a pop of color with vibrant mosaic tiles or opt for timeless white subway tiles for a clean and timeless aesthetic.

Texture and Finish

Texture and finish play a significant role in the overall look and feel of your backsplash. From glossy and reflective to matte and textured, the options are endless. Consider the level of maintenance required for different finishes; glossy tiles may require more frequent cleaning to maintain their shine, while matte tiles are more forgiving in terms of hiding water spots and fingerprints.

Durability and Maintenance

Selecting a backsplash tile that is both durable and low-maintenance is essential for ensuring longevity and ease of upkeep. Porcelain and ceramic tiles are popular choices for their durability, resistance to stains, and ease of cleaning. Natural stone tiles, such as marble or travertine, add a touch of luxury to your kitchen but may require periodic sealing to prevent staining.

Pattern and Layout

The pattern and layout of your backsplash tile can add visual interest and personality to your kitchen space. From classic subway tile layouts to intricate herringbone or chevron patterns, the possibilities are endless. Consider the size and scale of your kitchen when selecting a tile pattern; larger kitchens may benefit from bold patterns, while smaller kitchens may opt for more subtle designs to avoid overwhelming the space.

Budget Considerations

It’s essential to consider your budget when selecting a backsplash tile. While there are options available to suit every budget, it’s crucial to weigh the cost against the quality and durability of the tile. Investing in high-quality, durable tiles may incur a higher upfront cost but can save you money in the long run by reducing the need for repairs and replacements.

Selecting the perfect backsplash tile for your kitchen is a multifaceted decision that requires careful consideration of various factors, including kitchen style, color palette, texture, durability, maintenance, layout and budget considerations. At Coastal Stone and Cabinetry, we offer a wide selection of high-quality backsplash tiles to suit every taste and budget. Explore our range of options and embark on your kitchen renovation journey with confidence!

Embarking on an Inspirational Journey at KBIS & IBS 2024

We are thrilled to announce that Coastal Stone & Cabinetry is gearing up for the most awaited event of our industry, the Kitchen & Bath Industry Show (KBIS) in conjunction with the International Builder’s Show (IBS) 2024. It’s an honor for our team to be among the selected to walk the floors of the largest show dedicated to kitchen, bath and building professionals.

KBIS and IBS are not just trade shows; they are the epicenter of innovation, design and construction brilliance. As leaders in our field, attending these shows allows us to dive deep into the latest trends, technologies and materials that are shaping the future of kitchens, baths and beyond. It’s an exciting opportunity for us to ensure that Coastal Stone & Cabinetry remains at the forefront of design and innovation.

Our primary goal in attending KBIS and IBS is to gather insights and inspiration that will directly benefit our clients. By immersing ourselves in the most forward-thinking designs and cutting-edge technologies, we can bring back valuable knowledge that will enhance our projects and ensure our offerings are not just current but leading the way in the industry.

One of the most valuable aspects of attending such prestigious shows is the chance to network with peers, leaders and innovators in our field. These interactions spark new ideas, foster collaborations and provide insights into emerging trends that we might not encounter anywhere else. Our team is eager to participate in workshops, seminars and discussions that will broaden our understanding and inspire our work.

In the fast-paced world of kitchen and bath design, staying informed and adaptable is key to delivering exceptional value to our clients. KBIS and IBS are the perfect platforms for us to explore what’s next in our industry. Whether it’s sustainable materials, smart home technologies or groundbreaking design methodologies, we are committed to bringing the best of these innovations to our clients.

While we may not have a booth at the event, our presence is about more than just showing up; it’s about actively engaging with the future of our industry and bringing those insights back to you, our valued clients and partners. Upon our return, we’re excited to share our experiences and the trends we believe will make a significant impact in the coming years.

Join Us on This Journey

Follow us on our social media channels and stay tuned to our blog for updates, photos and highlights from the show. We will share the inspiration, knowledge and trends we discover, ensuring that the Coastal Stone & Cabinetry community is always ahead of the curve.

Our attendance at KBIS and IBS underscores our dedication to excellence, innovation and our clients’ satisfaction. We are honored to be part of this elite gathering and can’t wait to explore, learn and bring back a wealth of knowledge to advance in every project we undertake. Here’s to a fantastic journey ahead at KBIS and IBS 2024!

The Benefits of Luxury Vinyl Plank Flooring for Busy Homes

In today’s fast-paced world, busy homes need flooring solutions that can keep up with the hustle and bustle of daily life. Luxury vinyl plank (LVP) flooring has emerged as a popular choice for families and individuals seeking a blend of style, durability and ease of maintenance. Coastal Stone & Cabinetry understands the unique demands of busy households, and that’s why we recommend luxury vinyl plank flooring as a smart investment. In this blog, we’ll explore the numerous benefits of LVP flooring for homes with active lifestyles.

1. Durability and Resilience:

Luxury vinyl plank flooring is engineered to withstand heavy foot traffic, making it an excellent choice for busy homes. It is resistant to scratches, dents and stains, ensuring that it maintains its pristine appearance even in high-traffic areas. Coastal Stone & Cabinetry offers a wide selection of LVP options that can handle the wear and tear of everyday life.

2. Waterproof Properties:

Spills and accidents are inevitable in active households, but luxury vinyl plank flooring can handle them with ease. Many LVP products are waterproof, providing a protective barrier against moisture. This feature is especially valuable in kitchens, bathrooms and entryways, where spills are common. Coastal Stone & Cabinetry offers waterproof LVP options that offer peace of mind.

3. Ease of Maintenance:

Busy homeowners appreciate the low maintenance requirements of luxury vinyl plank flooring. Regular sweeping and occasional mopping are all that’s needed to keep your LVP floors looking their best. Coastal Stone & Cabinetry understands that your time is valuable, and LVP flooring allows you to spend more time enjoying your home and less time on upkeep.

4. Versatility in Design:

LVP flooring comes in a wide range of styles, colors and textures, allowing you to achieve the look and feel you desire for your home. Whether you prefer the look of hardwood, tile or stone, Coastal Stone & Cabinetry has LVP options that can mimic these natural materials with remarkable authenticity.

5. Comfort Underfoot:

Luxury vinyl plank flooring offers a comfortable and resilient surface that reduces noise and provides a softer feel underfoot compared to hardwood or tile. This feature is particularly appreciated in homes with children or pets, creating a more comfortable and peaceful living environment.

6. Affordability:

Coastal Stone & Cabinetry understands that busy households have budget considerations. Luxury vinyl plank flooring offers an affordable alternative to hardwood or stone, making it a cost-effective choice without compromising on quality or style.

Coastal Stone & Cabinetry recognizes that your home is a reflection of your lifestyle, and busy homes deserve flooring that can keep up with the demands of modern living. Luxury vinyl plank flooring combines durability, style, and ease of maintenance to create a flooring solution that’s perfect for active households. To explore the wide range of LVP options available at Coastal Stone & Cabinetry, visit our showroom or contact us for expert guidance on selecting the ideal flooring for your busy home. Make your home a haven of comfort and style with luxury vinyl plank flooring from Coastal Stone & Cabinetry.

How to Maintain and Care for Your Natural Stone Countertops – Tips from Coastal Stone & Cabinetry

Natural stone countertops are a coveted addition to any kitchen or bathroom. Whether you’ve opted for the luxurious elegance of marble, the rugged charm of granite, or the warmth of quartzite, these surfaces require proper care to preserve their stunning appearance. In this blog, we’ll share expert tips on maintaining and caring for your natural stone countertops, with insights from Coastal Stone & Cabinetry.

  • Regular Cleaning:
    • Gentle cleaning is the first step to preserving your stone countertops.
    • Use a pH-neutral stone cleaner recommended by Coastal Stone & Cabinetry.
    • Avoid harsh chemicals and abrasive scrubbers that can damage the surface.
  • Immediate Spill Cleanup:
    • Act quickly to wipe up spills to prevent staining.
    • Blot the spill with a clean cloth rather than rubbing, which can spread the liquid.
    • Coastal Stone & Cabinetry recommends using a stone-friendly cleaner for tough stains.
  • Sealing:
    • Seal your natural stone countertops regularly, as recommended by Coastal Stone & Cabinetry.
    • Sealing helps protect the surface from stains and moisture penetration.
    • Consult with Coastal Stone & Cabinetry for the right sealer for your specific stone type.
  • Avoid Cutting Directly on the Surface:
    • Use cutting boards to protect your stone countertops from scratches.
    • Coastal Stone & Cabinetry suggests using wooden or plastic cutting boards.
    • Avoid dragging heavy or sharp objects across the surface.
  • Trivets and Hot Pads:
    • Use trivets or hot pads to protect your stone countertops from heat damage.
    • Placing hot pots and pans directly on the surface can cause discoloration or cracks.
    • Coastal Stone & Cabinetry can recommend heat-resistant products for added protection.
  • Regular Inspection:
    • Periodically inspect your countertops for signs of damage or wear.
    • Coastal Stone & Cabinetry suggests looking for cracks, chips or uneven wear.
    • Address any issues promptly to prevent further damage.
  • Avoid Ammonia or Acidic Cleaners:
    • Coastal Stone & Cabinetry advises against using ammonia or acidic cleaners.
    • These can erode the stone’s surface and dull its natural luster.
    • Stick to stone-safe cleaning products recommended by experts.

Your natural stone countertops are an investment that can last a lifetime with proper care and maintenance. Coastal Stone & Cabinetry understands the importance of preserving the beauty and longevity of these surfaces. By following these tips and relying on Coastal Stone & Cabinetry’s expertise, you can enjoy the enduring elegance of your natural stone countertops for years to come.

For personalized guidance on maintaining and caring for your specific natural stone countertops, contact Coastal Stone & Cabinetry. Our team of experts is here to assist you in keeping your countertops looking their best and ensuring they continue to be the focal point of your kitchen or bathroom.

Explore our wide selection of natural stone countertops at Coastal Stone & Cabinetry to find the perfect addition to your home. For more insightful tips and information on stone surfaces, visit our blog. We’re dedicated to helping you make informed decisions and enhance the beauty of your living spaces.